10 Best Alfred Hitchcock Films, Ranked

Alfred Hitchcock started his career in the silent era. An important part of the director’s visual artistry was learning, film after film, how to tell a story with nuance without using dialogue. One of the great strengths of his career when the industry transitioned into “talkies” was just that. Though he often had great scripts to work with, Hitchcock is the master of suspense because of his keen ability to reveal plot, character, and motifs through images alone. His storytelling heightened when Technicolor came about because his use of color direction was superb. Relaying the interior motives and psychology of his characters using specific color schemes. What is needless to say is that Hitchcock left an invaluable mark on the history of cinema. With all-time classics like Rear Window, Psycho and Vertigo, Hitchcock will always be remembered as one of the greats. The master of suspense left behind a filmography that acts as a “how-to” for any director who wants to make a thriller.

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