Kitzap helps you take control of your equipment by creating smart dynamic lists that can allow you to log, plan and track more effectively and efficiently.


Our Background and Vision

Having worked in the camera department on film and TV sets  we understand the simple but difficult challenge of keeping track of, and maintaining the large amount of equipment that can come with any sort of film, TV or commercial shoot. Equipment and gear can come from many different places and end up in different locations spread out over vast areas. At the end of a shoot/ project all this equipment needs to be sorted, cleaned, organised and checked so it can go back to where it originally came from, this might be a mixture of different rental companies, suppliers and lenders.

At Kitzap we wanted to create a solution to help manage, log and track any sort of equipment by providing a smart and efficient app that takes out all the hard work out of running and looking after equipment. We also wanted to empower people with their own equipment to help log, maintain and track their own equipment with ease.


Features and Functions

  • Store detailed information of each equipment kit and items for precise lists and calculations to use for planning and tracking your assets.
  • Create groups out of kits and items for dynamic tracking, issue reporting, cost / weight calculations and document creating.
  • Use the built-in zapper to scan barcodes and access specific kit / item details instantly, check lists, log equipment and more.
  • Create projects and manage equipment throughout the project using the smart calendar to plan your next shoot.  
  • Add team members and automatically send out notifications keeping your project running efficiently.