Arnold Schwarzenegger ‘Fine’ After Serious Car Accident

Arnold Schwarzenegger has given fans an update on the car accident that he was involved in yesterday, assuring them that he is ok, but also showing a lot of concern for the woman who was injured as a result of the crash. While we are used to seeing his character in the Terminator movies, and many other action roles, walking away from burning cars and devastating wreckage, it is sometimes hard to remember that in real life, Schwarzenegger is still just human and there was a strong chance that he could have been hurt in the accident. The news of his involvement in a multi-car collision on Friday raised concerns for the actor and former Governor of California, but it seems that he managed to escape serious injury. TMZ obtained images from the scene that show just how bad the accident was.

Arnold Schwarzenegger updated fans following his horrific car accident yesterday, saying his main concern is for the others involved.Read MoreMovieWeb – Feed

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