Best Batman Movies, Ranked

Marvel has a huge leg up when it comes to comic book movies. However, DC seems to more than hold their own when it comes to films featuring the Caped Crusader. Batman’s first feature-length film was released in 1966, but the character hit true blockbuster status in the 1989 smash hit. In total, there are 10 solo films that have been released theatrically, plus two ensemble films. With a new solo movie, Matt Reeves’ The Batman being released in March, now is a perfect time to look back on the films featuring the legendary Dark Knight. Batman has several duds as a franchise, but the highs in the series are known as some of the best comic book movies.

The Batman is hitting theaters in March, but there have been numerous movies focused on the Crusader for over 30 years; here is the best of the best.Read MoreMovieWeb – Feed

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