Best Pixar Animated Shorts

Over the years, Pixar Animation Studio has managed to earn a very important place in the film industry. The creative skills of this studio, which has gifted audiences with memorable films such as Toy Story and groundbreaking movies like Luca, among countless others, cannot be denied. Besides these feature-length productions, Pixar has been working over the years in shorter, though no less impressive and heartwarming formats. Pixar short films, in fact, have been and continue to be an essential part of the experience of watching one of Pixar’s films in theaters. From Toy Story to their most recent production, every Pixar animated movie was accompanied by a short film that wrapped the audience in exciting stories about the mysteries of life, love and nature. The vast majority of these shorts, moreover, were nominated for multiple awards, even winning a number of them. The short Luxo Jr., for instance, written and directed by John Lasseter, won the Academy Award for Best Animated Short.

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