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Michael Keaton’s Batman will be returning in HBO Max’s Batgirl, and the evidence strongly suggests that the upcoming movie will also feature the onscreen debut of Robin in the DCEU. The evidence in question is a mural that’s been installed on the set of Batgirl, which not only shows Keaton’s Batman, but Robin as well, including the sidekick’s iconic colorful costume. Curiously, Robin’s face is obscured in the mural, and this has led to speculation regarding the actor who will be given the opportunity to bring life to the long-awaited DC character.

Whoever will play Robin must be able to shine alongside In The Heights‘ Leslie Grace, the Latin Grammy-nominated singer/actor who’s stepping into the crime-fighting boots of DC’s Barbara Gordon, also known as Batgirl. Another unanswered question is which version of Robin will be appearing in the movie. In terms of developing its main character, Batgirl‘s ideal Robin would be Dick Grayson, as the two have a long and complicated dynamic throughout the DC comics and other related media. Apart from being the first hero to take on the mantle of Robin, Grayson also had a long-term, romantic, and off-again-on-again relationship with Batgirl, and exploring this blurring of lines between lovers and superhero colleagues could allow the DCEU to set up more relatable and complex stories down the line.

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Michael Keaton’s Robin in Batgirl needs to be an actor with both physical and emotional range. Whether Batgirl‘s Robin ends up being Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, Tim Drake, or even Damian Wayne, fleshing out the character will be no easy feat. Here are some very talented actors who might be able to pull off being the DCEU’s new Boy Wonder.

Chinese-Canadian actor Ludi Lin is better known as Liu Kang from the live-action Mortal Kombat movies. In 2018, Lin expressed interest in starring in Shang-Chi, but since the MCU passed on the actor, he could be meant for the DCEU instead. Apart from Mortal Kombat‘s Liu Kang, Lin’s role as Zack Taylor, the Black Ranger in the 2017 Power Rangers reboot, and as the warrior Murk in Aquaman, shows that he could have the skills necessary for Robin’s acrobatic athleticism. Lin’s not a bad actor, either, which could be owed to his extensive education in the performing arts, including a stint in the theater program at the University of British Columbia. Moreover, as a well-rounded actor who’s fluent in multiple languages and dialects, Lin could conceivably bring the intelligence expected of Batman’s right-hand hero.

Joshua Bassett is mainly famous for playing Ricky Bowen in High School Musical: The Musical: The Series. As Bassett is in his early 20s, he might be a little too young to be playing Leslie Grace’s romantic interest. However, considering how The Flash could reboot the DCEU, a theory that’s supported by the return of Michael Keaton as Batman, Bassett might just be the right age for playing Dick Grayson in Batgirl. The story of Robin could also be fleshed out both in real-time and in flashbacks, which would necessitate someone who can conceivably play a teenage Robin. Moreover, there are also rumors that Joshua Bassett has already been cast for the role of Robin in Batgirl. Whether or not these rumors are true, Bassett might just have what it takes to be the Boy Wonder of the post-Flash new Earth in which Batgirl is set.

Another actor rumored to be playing the new Robin is Dylan O’Brien. The talented young veteran is well-known for his starring role in the teen sci-fi drama Maze Runner, as well as his lead role in the Teen Wolf series. O’Brien also notably appeared in YouTube Originals’ Weird City. Dylan O’Brien will also be in several movies in 2022, including Maximum Truth, the Teen Wolf movie, Not Okay, and The Outfit. O’Brien’s acting career is nothing short of impressive, and he might be the veteran that’s needed for truly doing justice to Robin’s dramatic complexity. Much like Ludi Lin, what O’Brien brings to the table could also set the stage for the DCEU to finally introduce Nightwing. Moreover, O’Brien would definitely do well as the love interest of Leslie Grace’s Barbara Gordon.

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Egyptian-born Canadian actor and singer Mena Massoud is a rising star who appears in several notable drama series such as Open Heart, Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan, and Reprisal. However, Massoud is perhaps most famous for starring in Aladdin alongside Will Smith in the 2019 live-action remake of the classic Disney movie. In his role as Aladdin, Massoud exhibited both acting chops and a talent for acrobatic action. This is likely why Massoud, alongside many of the other actors on this list, is rumored to be already cast as the Boy Wonder. As a rising star who’s been making a name for himself in the drama, sci-fi, and fantasy genres in recent years, Mena Massoud would indeed be a great addition to the current and next phases of the DCEU.

Not only could Chalamet inhabit the role of Dick Grayson – either as Robin or Nightwing – he would also be perfect for the roles of either Jason Todd or Tim Drake. As the star of films such as The King, Little Women, Call Me By Your Name, and most notably the sci-fi epic Dune in which Chalamet brought life to the ill-fated hero Paul Atreides, there’s not much that the extremely talented Timothée Chalamet can’t pull off onscreen. Recently, Chalamet has even shown his comedy chops in 2021’s Don’t Look Up, in which he stole the show in the third act of the movie despite having just a small role. Moreover, after the DCEU just let go of several A-listers, pulling Chalamet into the fold would be a very wise marketing decision for the studio, as Robin’s introduction in Batgirl, coupled with the Flash DCEU reboot theory, could potentially result in a long-term role for the character within the DCEU.

Michael Keaton’s Batman returning in Batgirl is definitely a big leap forward for the DCEU. Much of the success of this move will depend on whoever Batgirl‘s Robin will be. This is especially true since exploring the story of Batgirl would be the perfect introduction for the character of Robin. As the DCEU finally fleshes out the Dynamic Duo onscreen, fans of Gotham’s classic crime-fighting family can look forward to an interesting future.

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