Christopher Lloyd Recalls Disappointment at Back To The Future’s Marty McFly Recasting

For many fans of the Back To The Future franchise, the moment footage of Eric Stoltz’s version of Marty McFly was released, everyone agreed that it had been the right decision by Bob Gale and Robert Zemekis to do whatever it took to get their first choice actor Michael J. Fox into the role, one that turned out be a career defining moment for Fox and probably the saviour of the original 1985 movie. However, with Stoltz having filmed for weeks on the movie, the announcement that he was being replaced was questionable to of the film’s other stars, including Doc Brown himself, Christopher Lloyd.

Changing Back To The Future’s lead to Michael J. Fox worked out for the best, but Christopher Lloyd was disappointed with the change at the time.Read MoreMovieWeb – Feed

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