Denis Villeneuve Confirms Dune: Part Two Will Shoot This Summer, Teases More Harkonnens

Director Denis Villeneuve recently offered an update on Dune: Part Two. The highly anticipated sequel to the 2021 sci-fi epic, Dune, will explore the second half of Frank Herbert’s eponymous novel and is expected to come out in October 2023. Denis Villeneuve has already promised a more fun and action-packed sequel, unlike the first one, which focused mainly on introducing the fascinating characters and the world of Dune to the audience. Speaking to Empire, Villeneuve confirmed that the screenplay for Dune: Part Two is finished, and shooting will commence later this summer.

Dune: Part Two is written and will commence filming by the end of the summer, director Denis Villeneuve confirms.Read MoreMovieWeb – Feed

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