Doctor Who: The Star Beast Review | David Tennant and Catherine Tate Return in Enthralling New Special

2023 is a fantastic year to be a Doctor Who fan. Not only is legendary Doctor Who writer and showrunner, Russell T. Davies returning to the show, but we also get treated to three specials in honor of the show’s 60th anniversary, starring the 10th Doctor and his beloved companion, Donna Noble, which, of course, sees the return of David Tennant, and the amazing Catherine Tate in their seminal roles. This, however, is all before Ncuti Gatwa makes his incredibly exciting debut as the 14th Doctor, to reinvent the show for a new generation. Doctor Who fans are eating phenomenally well this year.

With outstanding performances from David Tennant and Catherine Tate, this special sends audiences back to the golden age of modern Doctor Who.Read MoreMovieWeb

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