Dolph Lundgren Says He Had One Issue With His Masters of the Universe Costume

A new Masters of the Universe movie is becoming something of a Holy Grail to fans of the franchise. What seems to be a relatively simply cast of translating the 80s cartoon into a live-action iteration is proving to be one of the most delayed projects in history, having been in development hell in various forms since at least 2004. While there has recently been new hope of the movie finally coming to fruition after being bought from Sony by Netflix, who have been embracing the franchise in animated form, the only previous live-action He-Man, Dolph Lundgren, recently shared his one issue with the costume he had to wear in the 1987 cult classic Masters of the Universe movie.

A new live-action Masters of the Universe movie may be pushing ahead again, but one thing about the original movie’s costume bothered Dolph Lundgren.Read MoreMovieWeb – Feed

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