Every Actor Who Played Superman, Ranked

Superman has been a worldwide icon since his comic debut in ‘Action Comics #1’ back in 1938. The man has everything: laser vision, super strength, the power of flight, great hair and a full-time job with benefits. It’s no wonder he remains a fan-favorite all these decades later! As such, Superman has been reimagined for the big screen dozens of times, and his famous red boots have been filled by a wide variety of actors. Some actors brought this namesake hero to life in amazing ways, but others weren’t able to fulfill the high expectations set by fans. From his days in black and white to his latest adventures in the DC Extended Universe, here’s a comprehensive ranking of the most notable Superman actors.

It’s not easy playing Superman, but many actors have stepped up to the challenge. This list ranks some of the best and worst actors to play the part.Read MoreMovieWeb – Feed

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