Exclusive: Horror Filmmakers Emily Bennett and Justin Brooks on ‘Alone With You’

Horror is like a tattoo for Emily Bennett and Justin Brooks– it’s a component of their identities, a part of their flesh, and something they want to show off for all to see. It’s a two-way street, though; while horror might help shape their passions and dispositions, they also put all of themselves into their horror. The writer/directors of the new movie Alone With You inject their filmmaking DNA into nearly every aspect of the piece, with Bennett acting in it and Brooks shooting, coloring, and co-editing. The two have been prominent figures in the atmospheric, allegorical realm of short horror films (Bed, Scream With Me, LVRS, Brooks’ upcoming Pains), but this, their first feature-length, is their biggest endeavor yet. Fittingly, it took the horror of a global pandemic to help bring it about.

The writer/directors of the new horror film ‘Alone With You’ are creative and life partners, and their love of horror and for each other shows.Read MoreMovieWeb – Feed

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