Exclusive: Russell Hornsby on Playing Real-Life Characters, From the BMF Dad to Don King

Russell Hornsby feels responsible. While he obviously takes responsibility for who he is and what he does, the BMF and Grimm actor also assumes responsibility for the truth, however slippery that term may be. “The saying goes,” he ruminates, “you can’t lie in life and tell the truth on stage.” Though people have been asking “what is truth?” since Pontius Pilate, Hornsby seems to seek it out within specific human experiences, especially in the people he’s met and learned from along the path of his career. The star is passionate about truth-telling in the sense that his performances are representative of real people and authentic experiences. He was raised with this reverence for the truth and a sense of responsibility owed to it and others:

Russell Hornsby discussed how to authentically represent real-life characters and the American experience with his roles in BMF and Iron Mike.Read MoreMovieWeb – Feed

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