Exclusive: Stefanie Scott and Rory Culkin Talk About the Horrors of The Last Thing Mary Saw

Edoardo Vitaletti’s debut picture, The Last Thing Mary Saw, is a new religious horror film on Shudder which oozes atmosphere and trembles with dread. Vitaletti and his crew do a great job lighting, editing, and scoring the movie with a poetic sensibility, but part of its subtle success stems from the performances. The film is led by a trio of women well-versed in the horror genre– the young Isabelle Fuhrman (Orphan) and Stefanie Scott (Insidious 3) play doomed lovers caught up in the religious fundamentalism of their 1843 household, and the classic horror actor Judith Roberts (Eraserhead, The Heart She Holler) plays The Matriarch, a haunting specter of a woman tasked with breaking and reforming them. Rory Culkin (Lords of Chaos), as The Intruder, enters this family drama like a curious curse, becoming the catalyst for a violent conclusion.

The stars of the Shudder exclusive discuss their roles in The Last Thing Mary Saw and how horror is leading the way in experimentation.Read MoreMovieWeb – Feed

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