Exclusive: World Champion Boxer Kali Reis Talks About Her First Film ‘Catch the Fair One’

When Kali Reis‘ mother gave her the Native name Mequinonoag, meaning ‘many talents,’ she couldn’t have been more accurate. Reis is a world champion boxer currently dominating the female light welterweight field, and has now co-written and starred in her first film, Catch the Fair One (a phrase which means ‘to fight’ but also refers to its own plot) to rave reviews. She is a vocal and inspiring activist fighting for the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls movement, and her acting will likely flourish, having recently signed to a large talent agency.

Kali Reis has stepped in front of the camera in Catch the Fair One, a harrowing, tense revenge thriller about the search for a missing Native girl.Read MoreMovieWeb – Feed

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