Explained: How the Ben Affleck Movies Got Batman Right

In just a few weeks, Matt Reeve’s highly anticipated The Batman will hit theaters. As Batman fans know, this movie has had a lot of work behind it, and will likely be nothing like the original idea. Originally, the film was to be directed by Ben Affleck and follow his version of the character as he goes toe to toe with Deathstroke. Matt Reeves has even stated that the Ben Affleck movie script was James Bond-ian. For several reasons, this did not come to fruition, and it is likely that Ben Affleck will hang up to cowl for good after this year’s The Flash, even if Ezra Miller has fans thinking otherwise.

Ben Affleck’s portrayal of the Dark Knight has had fans split from the very beginning, but he may have been one of the most accurate portrayals yet.Read MoreMovieWeb – Feed

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