Explained: How X-Men is an Allegory for the LGBTQ+ Experience

The X-Men are some of Marvel’s greatest superheroes. While fans enjoy the X-Men’s cosmic adventures and the wide range of their superpowers, the X-Men are also culturally significant for another reason: they inherently represent the outsider. In the Marvel universe, the X-Men are a team of mutants fighting to achieve peaceful co-existence between mutants and humans. The mutants are born into a world that fears and hates them, shunned by society simply due to being born with superhuman abilities. Despite being human in every way aside from carrying the X-Gene, mutants are constantly ostracized and threatened by the rest of society.

The struggles of the X-Men can be seen as a reflection of the real-life struggles of the LGBTQ+ community.Read MoreMovieWeb – Feed

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