Explained: The Difference Between the Oscar’s Best Picture and the Audience’s Favorite Ones

It’s almost that time of year for the Academy Awards! The biggest stars in the world will gather on the most prestigious stage to receive the eight and a half pound golden trophy. On that stage, audiences everywhere find out which film is crowned the Best Picture winner, but it’s not just a trophy, right? It’s a symbol of honor and a place in film history that will last forever; people still discuss Best Picture winners from 90 years ago. The award makes those who work in front of and behind the camera stand out as the best of the best. But… who is making these decisions? Who is actually sitting there deciding whose name goes on the card that’s read to millions of people? Certainly not the audience members who pay to see these movies every year.

There is a vast disconnect between what the Academy Awards call the Best Picture and what audiences decide is their favorite.Read MoreMovieWeb – Feed

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