Explained: What is Yoda’s Species Called?

The Star Wars franchise is a long-running saga with a series of movies, TV shows, and other media that revolve around a variety of characters and events. The origins began with Luke Skywalker being exposed to the ancient ways of the Jedi. From its inception, the Star Wars universe gained a massive following. This led to the making of a total of 11 films, five TV shows, and numerous video games, most of which were canonical until Disney purchased Lucasfilms. While not all Star Wars properties are critically acclaimed, the franchise’s universe has nonetheless enraptured audiences. A big part of the appeal is the technology and the variety of species seen throughout the franchise.

With Grogu’s appearance in The Mandalorian, it’s clear that Yoda is not the only one of his kind. This leads to questions of what Yoda’s species is.Read MoreMovieWeb – Feed

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