Funniest Moments in Steve Martin’s Cheaper by the Dozen Movies, Ranked

How do you manage day-to-day life in a family with no less than twelve children? Tom and Kate Baker are experts at keeping chaos from taking over the family home in their daily routine. Not only them: everyone in the family coordinates perfectly so that problems can be easily solved. This is the main story of Cheaper by the Dozen, the film starring Steve Martin and Bonnie Hunt. This remake of the 1950 film by the same title is a beloved 2003 children’s comedy, praised especially for its portrayal of a realistic family, with rights and wrongs, whose members are always ready to support whoever needs it, even if it means making big sacrifices, such as moving far away to support each other’s dreams and goals. There was also a familiarity and affection among the actors, who in fact got together seventeen years later to recreate the most iconic scenes of the film.

As we await the premiere of Disney+’s Cheaper By the Dozen remake, here’s a look back at the best moments from Steve Martin’s films.Read MoreMovieWeb – Feed

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