Here Are 10 Movies Every Wannabe Filmmaker Needs to Watch

Since its inception nearly 140 years ago, cinema has taken on many forms. The films we enjoy from our streaming platforms wouldn’t be the same without the foundations laid out by early pioneers of film during the twentieth century. We have more access to filmmaking tools than ever before now, and inspired artists can create compelling stories from the comfort of their home. This is easier said than done, of course, as many have tried and failed to create stories that evoke human emotion and technical triumph. Even some high budget films with well known actors still fall short of what audiences consider a “good” film. If you are someone interested in dipping their toes into this immersive (and expensive) craft and are overwhelmed by the thousands of options available at our fingertips, this is a list of the ten best films every wannabe filmmaker should see before setting up that camera on its tripod.

Here are 10 classic films every aspiring filmmaker should watch before grabbing a camera.Read MoreMovieWeb – Feed

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