Here Are Some of the Best Feminist Horror Movies

Horror movies actually have a majority of female protagonists, it being the only genre where women have more screen time and dialogue than men. However, like most genres, it sometimes carries a lot of prejudice from its earlier productions. When we look at the history of horror movies, there are some pivotal points to the relation between horror and the female subject. The Final Girl, a trope where the female protagonist kills the monster because she was pure (no sexual activity, drugs, or alcohol, unlike her friends), came a long way. The Final Girl was so used that it became the face of a few decades of horror, especially of slasher movies such as Halloween and the endlessly self-sustaining Scream. Even though they fought and defeated the monster, there was still a victim quality associated with them. This element, fortunately, has changed.

Horror movies both represent society’s deepest fears and prominently feature women, thus giving voice to their experiences. These do it best.Read MoreMovieWeb – Feed

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