Here’s Every Detail You Might Have Missed from Texas Chainsaw Massacre’s Trailer #2

It’s been forty-eight years since director Tobe Hooper introduced the world to one of the most visceral horror icons of all time. When Netflix announced they would be resurrecting Leatherface for a new installment to The Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise, horror fans went wild. With the resurgence of classic horror films coming into the present day with modern twists, there is no better time than to reintroduce Texas Chainsaw to a new generation of horror fanatics, and Netflix is the perfect platform. The new trailer that was released held numerous Easter eggs of not only what we can expect, but of exactly the kind of movie it’s going to be.

Ahead of the movie’s premiere this week, we’re dicing up the new trailer of Texas Chainsaw Massacre for all the details you might have missed.Read MoreMovieWeb – Feed

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