Here’s Every Johnny Depp & Tim Burton Movie Collaboration, Ranked

When you find something, or rather someone, that works for you, you just don’t let it go. And in movie making, when an actor and director develop a good relationship on- and off-screen, incredible things happen. Such familiarity is highly beneficial for actors and directors, because once they know and trust each other, they can empower one another to come up with increasingly better productions. Such is the case with the Burton-Depp duo. Tim Burton‘s fantastic cinematic vision first found its perfect match in Johnny Depp in 1990. Capitalizing on the influence he had gained from the success of his film Batman, the director embarked on the production of Edward Scissorhands, casting the young actor over all the other proposals the production company presented to him. Burton wanted Depp because he felt he had the potential to portray dark but tender characters, and indeed he was right: the movie catapulted Depp to absolute success.

Let’s review every movie of this successful duo, which has been collaborating for twenty-two years now.Read MoreMovieWeb – Feed

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