Here’s What Makes Mulholland Drive One of the Greatest Fantasy Films Ever Made

Mulholland Drive is a dark and lost highway barely lit by unseen headlights, one which intersects Real Road and Symbolic Street, along with every imaginary alley. It’s a route which most viewers avoid, a drive with too much death and one with too many reflective surfaces; accidents happen here, and cars collide chaotically. Instead, audiences prefer brighter roads which propagate the illusion of safety, avoiding avenues with any real mirrors and opting instead for a pure escape toward simpler cities constructed with concrete fantasies. Mulholland Drive embraces these fantasies, too, but then crashes through them with subversive, manic energy. In some ways, it is both the greatest fantasy and anti-fantasy film ever made, and here’s what makes that possible.

David Lynch’s masterpiece deconstructs what fantasy means, psychoanalyzing the genre in ways which are helpful and healing for audiences.Read MoreMovieWeb – Feed

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