Here’s Why Raiders of the Lost Ark is the Best Indiana Jones Movie of All Time

Today, the name Indiana Jones brings to mind a series of epic, action-packed blockbusters led by the world-renowned Harrison Ford. But back in 1981, with the release of Raiders of the Lost Ark, audiences were not already familiar with the franchise that would go on to become legend. Ford had, of course, already stolen the hearts of film viewers everywhere with 1977’s Star Wars, but here was a more dedicated role that put him at the center of a new grand adventure. With the talents of directors George Lucas and Steven Spielberg and writer Lawrence Kasdan, Raiders was set up for success and would, in turn, be met with unbelievable critical acclaim.

The first Indiana Jones film may be the best one of the franchise. Why are audiences still so obsessed with Raiders of the Lost Ark? Here’s why.Read MoreMovieWeb – Feed

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