John Goodman Recalls His Horrendous Saturday Night Live Audition

After hosting Saturday Night Live on thirteen occasions, John Goodman is the third most frequent star to have stepped up head the comedy variety show, but The Righteous Gemstones star recently revealed to Jimmy Fallon that his cast audition for the show wasn’t exactly the greatest thing he has ever done. Appearing as a guest on The Tonight Show, the much-loved actor talked about a monologue he performed on the show and how cast members came to watch Will Ferrell when his skit was bombing, but most interesting was when he mentioned the 1980 audition for SNL that fell apart because he wasn’t prepared for it.

John Goodman spoke to Jimmy Fallon about his terrible SNL audition and sustaining an injury while filming on The Righteous Gemstones.Read MoreMovieWeb – Feed

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