Matt Reeves Reveals His Condition for Bringing Superman Into The Batman Universe

The first live-action meeting of Batman and Superman came about thanks to a vision that Zack Snyder began but was unable to finish. When and how we will see the pair joining forces again is still up in the air. With the Snyderverse being left behind, Ben Affleck moving on from his Batman role, and Henry Cavill’s Superman return a possibility but in doubt, and Robert Pattinson seemingly poised to be the new long-term Bat on the block, would there be a chance of him teaming up with Krypton’s prodigal son? It is not something Matt Reeves wants to explore right now, but if it did happen, it would not be anything like Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice.

The Batman is almost ready to fly, and Matt Reeves has been discussing whether any other DC heroes are likely to appear in his Batverse.Read MoreMovieWeb – Feed

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