Matt Reeves Wants to Bring Mr. Freeze to Future The Batman Sequels

Batman is widely considered to have the best rogues gallery in comics. Some of his villains, like the homicidal maniac Joker and the thief Catwoman, have seen multiple big-screen incarnations. Others, like shape-shifter Clayface, and human-bat hybrid Man-Bat, have yet to appear in live-action in theaters. The latter is on the less realistic side of the spectrum. Matt Reeves talked to Collider about how he wants his The Batman film to be “grounded.” This idea does not mean that fantastical villains won’t eventually show up. One of his favorite enemies that he would like to include in potential sequels is the sympathetic Mr. Freeze.

Director Matt Reeves expressed his desire to introduce Mr. Freeze in sequels to The Batman.Read MoreMovieWeb – Feed

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