Netflix Announces New Price Hike, Becomes Most Expensive Streaming Service

Netflix announced on Friday that it has decided to raise the prices of most of its subscription plans in the U.S. and Canada as the streamer is looking to gain more revenue. There will be a new $1 increase for the Standard plan and a $2 increase for the Premium plan that includes 4K streaming. The new monthly price for the standard plan is now $15.50 over the previous $14, and the new price for the 4K Premium plan is $19.99 from $17.99. This is the streamer’s 6th price raise since 2014 where the streamer raised its standard plan price to $8.99 from its original $7.99. However, the company was so worried about losing subscribers over the $1 per month bump that it let existing members keep their prices for two years.

Your Netflix bill is about to go up again with Netflix raising their subscription prices in the United States and Canada.Read MoreMovieWeb – Feed

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