New Clip From The Batman Finally Unmasks Paul Dano’s Riddler

After being shrouded in mystery for the entire promotional run-up to the release of The Batman, a new extended clip from the movie has finally unmasked Paul Dano’s Edward Nashton, the Riddler. In all of the trailers and promotional clips and images, the Riddler’s face has been purposely kept hidden, whether by certain camera angles of the scenes used or by his creepy mask, while other villains such as Penguin, Catwoman and Carmine Falcone have been fully present from the start. While many questioned whether there was a specific reason for this, it seems that the promotional plan was to simply hold the reveal of Dano until the last moment before the movie hits cinemas.

After being kept behind a mask for the majority of The Batman’s promotion, a new clip finally revealed the face of Paul Dano’s Riddler.Read MoreMovieWeb – Feed

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