New Sandman Image Reveals Dream; Neil Gaimen Says Series Will Surprise People

For almost 50 years, The Lord of the Rings was a story that could never be filmed until Peter Jackson did the unthinkable and brought the entire trilogy to life in one of the most awe-inspiring epics of all time. In 1989, Neil Gaiman created a successor to Tolkien’s novel as an impossible-to-film creation in The Sandman comics, an incredible fantasy tale that transcends the boundaries of the world and explores the dream landscape and the philosophy of life and death and all that comes in between. Now Netflix is doing a Peter Jackson and bringing the impossible to life in a Sandman series that will premiere later this year. In the latest issue of Empire a new image of the lead character Dream, played in the series by Tom Sturridge.

The Sandman comes to Netflix later this year and with a new look at Tom Sturridge as Dream, Neil Gaiman says the series isn’t what you expect.Read MoreMovieWeb – Feed

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