Nick Broomfield on His Music Documentaries Like The Stones and Brian Jones

Nick Broomfield is a documentary legend. If every documentarian attended the same high school, most of them would eat lunch alone or in the library, but Broomfield would be the quarterback on the field, practicing and eating with different people. Broomfield is one of those rare documentary filmmakers whose image comes to mind if you know his name or films at all. He inserts himself into many of his documentaries, usually by necessity — he lugs around camera and sound equipment as he hunts down interviews, saving money by taking on multiple roles. He would speak to possible murderers, definite murderers, and people who just wanted to kill him. Handsome, fearless, and talented, Broomfield is an anomaly, a documentary star.

The famed documentarian discusses his new film about The Rolling Stones’ early frontman, Brian Jones.Read MoreMovieWeb

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