Rachel Zegler Felt Imposter Syndrome After Snow White and Shazam Casting Backlash

Rachel Zegler should be celebrating a fantastic year, with the release of West Side Story and having landed significant upcoming roles in Shazam! Fury of The Gods and the live-action Disney remake of Snow White. Instead, the young actress has been taking blows on social media, with many questioning her casting in both of her upcoming roles, leaving the star feeling that she maybe isn’t worthy of the roles she has received. Part of the issue seems to have stemmed from West Side Story being delayed since 2020 and no one having the chance to see her stunning performance in that movie before she was cast in other prominent roles.

Rachel Zegler faced many doubters when she was cast in Snow White and Shazam 2, and she almost believed she was not up to the job.Read MoreMovieWeb – Feed

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