Ryan Reynolds Revealed as Voice of Grimace in McDonald’s Super Bowl Ad

For someone who is currently meant to be taking a break, Ryan Reynolds seems to be making more appearances now than he has in the last year. As well as his numerous Instagram and Twitter posts, celebrating the recent 6th anniversary of Deadpool’s release in cinemas and appearing in trailers for the upcoming The Adam Project, the famous actor also appeared in a Super Bowl ad, although you may not have noticed it. In the McDonald’s spot, which featured cameos by NASCAR star Bubba Wallace, FIFA Twitch streamer Edwin Castro and Kanye West, the restaurant’s iconic character Grimace popped out, and he was voiced by none other than… Mr. Ryan Reynolds.

Ryan Reynolds appeared in a trailer for The Adam Project at this year’s Super Bowl, but he also had a secret appearance in a TV spot for McDonalds.Read MoreMovieWeb – Feed

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