The Batman TV Spot Shows Carmine Falcone Mocking The Dark Knight

The Dark Knight’s iconic cape and cowl are not having the desired effect in the latest TV spot for The Batman. Far from it, in fact, as John Turturro’s Gotham gangster Carmine Falcone could not be less frightened of the costumed vigilante in the latest footage from the upcoming DC outing. Released courtesy of YoTube channel farrogh _ali, the footage gives us our first proper look at Falcone. “You think you’re gonna scare me with that mask and that cape?” Falcone asks in the clip, a question which no doubt leaves The Batman feeling more than a little deflated.

John Turturro’s gangster boss Carmine Falcone is not frightened of the cape and cowl in the latest footage from The Batman.Read MoreMovieWeb – Feed

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