The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild Review: The Worst Film of a Tired Franchise

The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild is a dreadfully humorless installment in a CGI franchise that’s long run its course. The sixth Ice Age sequel has goofball possum brothers Crash and Eddie, both voiced by Vincent Tong, striking out on their own. Hijinks predictably ensue, but they’re not funny or interesting in any way. The film has a villain with a hideous, brain-bulging cranium that freaked me out. And introduces a weird zorilla, you read that right, that farts sleeping gas. It was also a mistake to omit Scrat, the acorn-loving squirrel/rat, and best series character by far.

Possum brothers Crash and Eddie strike out on their own in a dreadful sixth Ice Age sequel.Read MoreMovieWeb – Feed

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