The Most Haunting Drug Movies About Addiction

Whether we like it or not, drugs are a part of everyday life in most of the world. The drug trade can make one rich beyond one’s wildest dreams, but also places the drug users and dealers in great physical jeopardy and can ruin lives. It should be no surprise that there are literally hundreds if not thousands of films dealing with drug and alcohol use. While some films like Dazed and Confused, Friday, and most of Seth Rogen’s work glorifies casual drug use, the films in this list all show the darker, deadlier side of drug dealing and drug abuse. Terms like ‘addict’ and ‘addiction’ are now considered to be stigmatizing and discriminative (and have been replaced with de-stigmatizing language like ‘substance use disorder’); no matter the language, however, these are the most powerful and devastating films about drug use.

These films present substance use disorder (SUD) in stark, painful, but artistic ways that reveal the often devastating effects of drugs.Read MoreMovieWeb – Feed

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