The Walking Dead Deleted an Epic Daryl and Negan vs. Beta Fight Scene

During a recent appearance at Pennsylvania’s Steel City Con, actor Ryan Hurst revealed that The Walking Dead writers’ room originally scripted more of a fight between Beta and allies Daryl and Negan. Actor Ryan Hurst, who played the role of Whisperer Beta in the popular AMC series, spoke about the “would-have-been” fight scene between the three characters that just didn’t make the cut. After the turning point in The Whisperer War, Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) had lured Beta into a trap, and is nearly killed for beheading Alpha. Before Beta was able to end Negan and avenge Alpha, Daryl (Norman Reedus) saves Negan by slashing at Beta and stabbing two knives into his eyes. This particular scene took place during the season 10 “A Certain Doom” episode.

During an appearance at Steel City Con, Ryan Hurst revealed that the writers originally wanted a fight scene between Beta and allies Daryl and Negan.Read MoreMovieWeb – Feed

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