These Are 5 of the Best Mockumentaries

The mockumentary film is not an easy skill to master, but these five films do it well. The mockumentary style of filmmaking can often be confused with simple parody. However, parody films often entail that there is a previous movie or style to be parodied (i.e. Vampires Suck, which is a parody of the Twilight series). While mockumentaries are films made in a documentary style used to “mock” a societal commonality, a common media trope, or simply the human condition itself. They are not meant to mock a specific piece of media but are made to humorously joke about a specific type or group or people or media while depicting them as if it takes them seriously.

Mockumentaries make up a difficult niche to master, but these five fun films occupy that cinematic space well.Read MoreMovieWeb – Feed

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