These Are Some Classic Horror Movies You Can Watch on YouTube

The first horror movie a kid ever watches can trigger two sorts of emotionseither instant happiness, excitement and gratification, or blatant fear, discomfort and never-ending night terrors. Wanting to watch horror movies at a young age is pretty natural; the constant warnings from parents to stay away from them is almost 100% guaranteed to make a child want to watch them. Prohibition creates desire, and when children hear from a parent that they shouldn’t watch something, they’re just more eager to try it. For many millennials, in the early to mid-2000s, the AMC (American Movie Classics) television channel was very popular for playing groundbreaking horror movies like John Carpenter’s Halloween and any of the fun Nightmare on Elm Street movies; having to hunt down horror movies and their airtime or channels on TV was part of the secret thrill of growing up.

Viewers who don’t want to sign up for a monthly service can currently browse YouTube and stream horror’s most celebrated collections.Read MoreMovieWeb – Feed

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