These Are Some of the Best American Heist Movies, Ranked

The Great Train Robbery kicked off Hollywood’s fascination with heist films in 1903, but the genre didn’t really blow up until the early 1950s with the noir crime film,The Asphalt Jungle. Based on the 1949 novel of W. R. Burnett, the film tells the story of Dix Handley, a man who plans to steal $1 million in jewels. All the workings of the classic heist caper are present here, as the film follows Handley as he assembles a team of low-level crooks, a safecracker, and a lawyer to carry out his quest. Regarded as one of the greatest noir films ever made, the classical film structure is both visually striking and rich in its narrative, providing the framework for countless American heist movies to follow.

When money laundering and high-end criminal activity isn’t enough, a great heist movie goes even further, and these are some of the most thrilling.Read MoreMovieWeb – Feed

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