These Are Some of the Best Jump Scares in Horror History

Some may call it a cheap plot device, while others wait for it with chattering teeth. There’s no doubt that horror films today tend to rely heavily on this trope to scare audiences. While it may be a way to spearhead the intended reaction, jump scares can and have been effective. What makes a jump scare work is proper set up, followed by a worthwhile pay off. Nevertheless, there have been too many films that improperly set up a scene that ultimately has zero shock value. The absolute worst of the worst include the best friend playing a joke on the protagonist, a bird flying past the frame, or a cat jumping out of the darkness. That is a cheap way to shoehorn an obnoxious sound effect into a scene in order to force a visceral response. While this may be momentarily effective, the tension of the scene is gone. There is no mystery or suspense because the filmmakers have shaped the audience to expect everything.

While it may be a classic but overused horror trope, these films expertly utilize the jump scare in a way that continues to resonate with audiences.Read MoreMovieWeb – Feed

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