These Are the 4 Most Unforgettable Scenes From the Original Alien

2021 didn’t have much to offer in terms of original sci-fi; it was mostly just big fantasy films. Sure, Apple TV released a post-apocalyptic flick about a robot learning to take care of a dog (and learning to love along the way), which was pretty good; it starred that young up-and-coming actor, you know, Tommy Hanks. Of course, there was Free Guy, a strange, funny, and heartfelt jaunt about a video game NPC (played by Ryan Reynolds) gaining sentience and striking out to live his own life. A couple of cute concepts, maybe, but these movies aren’t exactly creating a new generation of science fiction lovers. Whatever happened to movies about people running around spaceships and doing battle with off-worlders? Why aren’t we seeing as many other planets these days? Yes, there was Dune, but so much of that world was pure fantasy and had little to do with real science-fiction; it was often stiff, regal, bare, and far removed from humanity, and was basically just a long introduction.

Sci-fi isn’t what it used to be, so let’s take a look at the most iconic moments from Ridley Scott’s original Alien and see how it should be done.Read MoreMovieWeb – Feed

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