These Are the 7 Best Stanley Kubrick Films, Ranked

Striving for greatness is a dream all directors (and most artists) aspire to achieve, but Stanley Kubrick is one of a few filmmakers who has reached a level of immortality in cinema history. What Kubrick has done throughout his entire filmography will stand the test of time, creating a diverse catalog of masterpieces that hold up to this day. Though it is a rather small filmography over the course of nearly half a century, and his time with us is unfortunately no more, Kubrick showed perhaps one of the widest ranges of storytelling a director can have. He was a perfectionist who had a unique ability to pick an intriguing story and completely transform it to fit his own vision. The Kubrick style is one that many film students have and will be taught, and has inspired many filmmakers of today. Mike Flanagan achieved this and more by paying homage to Kubrick and his style while being honorable to the source material in his 2019 film Doctor Sleep.

While the director had a short filmography over four decades, each movie he made was incredible, but these are Kubrick’s seven greatest masterpiecesRead MoreMovieWeb – Feed

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