These Are the Best Sci-Fi Movies Made Before Star Wars

Star Wars has been around since 1977 and fundamentally changed the sci-fi landscape, but a lot of people don’t realize how many science-fiction films have come before the tumultuous space opera. Admittedly, before Star Wars, science-fiction films were for more of a niche audience, or were more laughable than fascinating, and were not as well-produced and respected as they are today. Much of the genre was simply not taken seriously before George Lucas came around, and great genre films like The Blob and Godzilla did not receive as much love from the Academy Awards, being dismissed as B-movies by critics and cinephiles (until they received intellectual reappraisals over recent decades which explored their brilliance).

Star Wars is great, but modern science fiction wouldn’t exist without these classics to lay the groundwork and help define the important genre.Read MoreMovieWeb – Feed

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