These Are the Best Workplace TV Comedies of All Time

According to a global poll conducted by Gallup, a whopping 85% of employees are unhappy in their jobs. Whether it’s the work itself, office politics, or workplace conflict, many of us do not enjoy the time we spend at our jobs. Ironically, the success of the workplace comedy would suggest we enjoy being the fly on the wall at someone else’s job. Perhaps we enjoy vicariously living through the characters as they do things at their jobs, things we wouldn’t dream of doing at ours. Perhaps it is because the office makes for good comedy fodder, with the potential for conflict between colleagues or management. Whatever it is, workplace comedies have been a beloved genre for decades. TV comedies have portrayed a vast range of workplaces such as corporate offices, news media outlets, law enforcement, hospitals, and many more.

Workplace comedies have been a beloved genre for decades. These are the best workplace TV comedies of all time.Read MoreMovieWeb – Feed

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