These are the Coolest, Grossest Special Effects in Horror

Special effects have been a part of filmmaking since the 1902 classic short A Trip to the Moon. It helps people to escape reality and better enter worlds they may never see with the naked eye. Special effects as an art form has grown from the practical to the computer generated over time, with many of today’s films relying on digital VFX and CGI to boost a level of realism that is difficult to be done practically. Ironically, doing so can actually take audiences out of the moment. Contemporary cinema seems to be all about who can create the biggest world with the most vibrant visuals, energetic editing, and the largest set pieces. While this may be visually appealing, there are some genres that rely on special effects to do more than inspire awe and amazement, or blow stuff up. In the case of horror films, they have a specific job– to terrify, disturb, and disgust the viewer.

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