These Are the Most Painful Stunts in the Jackass Movies

The Jackass franchise has been a cultural phenomenon that has delivered some of the most entertaining content of our generation. The stunts carried out are vicious, dangerous, and unbelievable. It started with shopping carts, and now we witness stunts financed by millions of dollars. The crew behind Jackass are all very charismatic individuals who create on-screen personas that have thrilled audiences for years. Skateboarding culture seems to be the heart of all the films as well as the television show. There is a rebellious spirit behind the Jackass films that make it so fascinating to young adults. With that said, we have seen many negative consequences from the cast, including injuries and drug addiction.

Before you see Jackass Forever, let’s take a look at the most painful stunts from the previous films. Warning: don’t try these at home.Read MoreMovieWeb – Feed

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