These Influential Films Were Previously Banned (& Why)

Since the first days of film, there has been heated debate surrounding what material can be shown to the public though this medium as well as who should decide what others can view. These rules are constantly changing and not unanimous across national borders. Some countries are far harsher than others when it comes to this debate, as was demonstrated with the recent censorship of Fight Club‘s ending in China — which has since been restored after much backlash. It hasn’t been uncommon in the past century or so of film for a movie to be censored or fully banned. Historically, the reasoning behind some of these bans is almost laughable from the perspective of today. The past’s exaggerated fears of sex, Satanism, drugs, and violence are practically a satire of themselves these days. Many instances are unjust, the result of oppressive regimes or outcries from influential sectors of the population. Still, others are censored for what many may consider good reason, such as depictions of intense violence, cruelty towards children and animals, or sexual assault.

When films are banned, it’s often quite fun to stick it those that banned them. So, check out why and where these influential films were banned.Read MoreMovieWeb – Feed

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